Yoga & Facial Yoga




フェイシャルヨガ レッスン内容



2名様   1レッスン(75分) お一人4,000円
3名様以上 1レッスン(75分) お一人3,500円


1レッスン(75分) 4,500円


3回分のお代金 − 1,000円と少しお安くなります。



I teach a regular group lesson at Yogaste in Gotanda and provide private single or group lessons.

Facial Yoga

As I spend all day working in my kitchen or in front of my PC, I’ve sometimes experienced swelling and sagging in my face. It led me to wonder … ‘Can I work out my face as I do my body?’
It was then that I discovered the facial yoga method and instantly I was hooked by the fast effective results and decided to become a certificated instructor.
Facial Yoga is literally Yoga for your face. It involves exercising your face muscles, known as ‘mimic muscle’. Mimic muscle tends to be affected by gravity more than the other muscles on your body, however you can see and feel results quickly because mimic muscle is made up of many tiny muscles. Only a 1 millimeter lifting of the face line, corner of the lips and eyes will create such a different impression on your face and also a lifting of your mood!
Facial yoga provides permanent positive changes to the structure and texture of your face, unlike cosmetics and other temporary aesthetic treatments which are merely applied on the ‘surface’ of your face.

Facial Yoga Lessons

We begin with an initial consultation where I will examine your face laterality, facial expression and stiffness and then I will make a lesson plan based on the results you would like to achieve.

Group Lesson

With your family, friends or at your office. Recommended for people who want to learn in a fun social environment.
2 people  1 lesson (75min) 4000JPY per person
More than 3 people  1 lesson (75min) 3500JPY per person


Recommended for people who want to get faster results, or who are a bit shy to do it with a group.
1 lesson (75min) 4500JPY

3 Lessons Plan

Highly recommended in order to master the techniques, however you can still see results after only one lesson. With multiple lessons we can correct your facial expression habit and check your facial yoga pose to see if there are any mistakes. Multiple lessons will also allow time to learn even more poses to help you achieve your target.
Discount 1000JPY from 3 lessons fee

I can visit you at your home, office etc to give the lesson. Alternatively, lessons can be given at my home-salon in Ebisu.
To request further information or ask any questions, please see contact.