Raw & Plant Based Food


・チャックミラー師のWS (2015年9月) など
A raw-food diet is the best way to maximize your absorption of the vitamins and enzymes from your food. Following a raw food diet involves only consuming plant based foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are prepared under 48 degrees heat in order to avoid destroying their nutrients by over cooking.
It isn’t difficult to adopt this diet as preparing delicious meals only requires some simple preparation like soaking nuts before using. You will be surprised by how you can use these nuts for so many great recipes. You will also feel lighter if you incorporate some raw-food into your diet. You will experience the benefits of eating raw food even if you don’t follow a 100% raw food diet.
As a raw food diet is animal free, refined sugar free and gluten free, people with allergies and those who are health conscious can enjoy a delicious flavorful meal with great health benefits for the mind and body.
I also sell raw sweets and vegan sweets at various events and yoga TT courses and workshops in Tokyo.
・Chuck Miller workshop September 2015 in Tokyo
Do you want to have healthy, allergy and gluten free sweets for yourself, your family or for your friends?
I take orders from contact. Simply tell me if any special requests and it can be made to fit your budget.