NAKED 「本質の」「本来の」


「綺麗」「若い」「かわいい」・・・ そんな基準にこだわるのって疲れますよね?



There is no one definition of beauty, but as many as our numbers on this planet.
Stay healthy inside and out. Embrace your true strength, your true beauty, and let your ‘Naked’ shine.

Be Real, Be True, Be NAKED


Yuri Maeda

・ローフードマイスター & ファスティングアドバイザー
・ヨガ & 高津文美子式フェイシャルヨガ認定インストラクター
・Rawfood Master & Fasting Adviser
・Yoga & Face Yoga Method certificated Instructor by Fumiko Takatsu


Following high school I traveled overseas and returned to university when I was 23. After completing my university studies, I moved to Marseille, France, where I learnt the art of home-style provincial cooking and classic French baking. In developing my culinary skills in Marseille, I came to realize that this cuisine was laden with significant amounts of butter and sugar. Being concerned with the health ramifications of a diet heavy in butter and sugar, I was inspired to research how to use my cooking skills to make healthier food and this in turn led me to discover vegan food and later raw food.
After living in France for a couple of years, I returned to Japan and began learning about Yoga. I quickly noticed the mental and physical benefits I gained from Yoga, both of which are deeply connected.
I have continued to develop and evolve my mastery of Yoga by regularly participating in Yoga workshops around the globe, including in Japan, Bali, Thailand and Hawaii.

There is only one of YOU in our universe and YOU only live once. Enjoy your life journey with a healthy mind and body.