牡蠣ベジタリアンカレーOyster Vegetarian Curry @sync

そんな牡蠣をなんと、ベジタリアンカレーで味わえるなんて♡!!! 牡蠣好きには至福のひと皿!
If I was asked “What is your top 5 favorite foods?” I would say oysters are on the top of my list and also oysters with vegetarian curry♡ Yes vegetarian curry! You must check here if you’re an oyster lover!!


チキンなんて入らなくてもしっかりと牡蠣からいいダシが出ていて、野菜やスパイスが主張しすぎず、とにかくオリジナル!! 私の小さな表現能力じゃ、とても描写できません。(ゴメンね)

This curry shop “sync” was located in Gakugei-daigaku and was pretty famous, its now moved to Ebisu.
Their signature curry is an original chicken curry but their seasonal curry “Oyster and Cresson curry” has been very popular so now we can taste this oyster curry all year around and even better it can be 100% Vegetarian !!
If you want to have it vegetarian you MUST ASK ‘No Chicken stock please’, the owners are  2 men and are actually very very kind so they will make a completely vegetarian version for you.


Five-just-right-cooked oysters and fresh cresson on top and served separately with sprouted brown rice and rolled barley mix. As I like spicy food I usually order the number 2 spice level.

ミニサラダつきます。 Comes with a mini-salad.

牡蠣がもっと贅沢に入った 『もっともっと牡蠣とクレソンのカレー』は牡蠣が10個入ってます、飲み過ぎが続いた日なんかに、いかがでしょうか? もうしばらく牡蠣はいいかも・・堪能した! ってくらい牡蠣欲を満たしてくれます。

When its your hangover day or when you are set for more oysters they have “More and More Oyster and Cresson curry”, you can double up to 10 oysters.
The restaurant is on the 2nd floor of Showa era Dagashi-bar on the first floor near Ebisu shrine.

この入り口を入って・・・ Enter from here..

階段のぼって2階。 Upstairs to the 2nd floor.

For oyster lovers and vegetarians!

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