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ヴィーガンランチ Vegan Lunch@たまな食堂 Tamana Syokudo

As I love fermented foods like tempeh, when I want to eat them and delicious brown rice, I go to Tamana Syokudo in Omotesando.

This restaurant uses clearn organic vegetable and foods from Wakayama pref. and vegan menu.
If you like Miso soup but give it up because of fish stock aka.’Dashi’, here is the place you can enjoy delicious Japanese vegan food.
(They have fish menu in the evening.)

納豆大嫌いな人と行きましたが、「ここのは食べれた、美味しい」と言っていました。いろんなお豆が入ったオリジナルの納豆です。いつも 『たまな定食 1,890円(税込)』で、発酵玄米にしてもらいます。(たしか+200円)
I usually order “Tamana Teisyoku 1890JPY” and plus change brown rice to fermented brown rice, which is easier to digest and absorb more their minerals plus contains more GABA and fiber, so great for detox. The result is better than brown rice!
This set comes with tempeh and their original natto. My foreigner friend dislikes natto tried their natto and loved it! Their natto is not stinky, quite mild taste with various beans. It’s worth to try even you are a natto-hater! Very good for your health!


一度、ファスティング後に行った時はたっぷりともっと生野菜が食べたかったので、『本日のスープとサラダ 1,350円(税込)』にしましたが、サラダといえど食べ応えのあるボリュームと味付けで、食いしん坊の私でも満足しました◎
Once I tried “Today’s soup & salad 1350JPY” on the day after fasting and I was not feeling for rice and wanted to have more fresh uncooked vegetables. Their salad was nice size with many dressing, made with veges and satisfied me completely.


There are many health conscious vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Omotesando, like Revive.

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